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The Lending You Home Program is designed to provide low-cost loans for purchasers in affordable housing cooperatives. With decades of experience in affordable housing, we understand what you need and believe in you as a valuable part of your community.

Your work with HomeOwnership Lending supports our nonprofit mission to invest in permanently affordable housing.

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Loan Amount: Minimum $10,000

Loan Terms:

  • 15-year term

  • fixed-interest loans with monthly payments

  • no pre-payment penalties and affordable closing costs

  • Minimum Credit Score: 640

Our loans can close as fast as 30 days after receiving a full application and pre-approved in 3 business days. After the pre-approval has been accepted by you, a full application with supporting documents is provided to Homeownership Lending for review and underwriting. The full application includes the Co-op Application signed by the board or management company. During the evaluation process further information and documentation may be required. After the application has been approved, you will receive a commitment letter valid for 90 days. Closing is expected to occur within those 90 days. Our loans are originated by Homeownership Lending, LLC and will be serviced by Homeownership Lending, LLC or by a partner bank, such as the National Cooperative Bank


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